Liceo Bertolucci Students’, involved in European Students’ Climate Report, wrote a petition to push the European Community to fight against air pollution, a particular intense problem in Northern Italy. Here you can read the text presented in Bruxelles on March 2019.

Air quality and climate change are closely related.

By changing atmospheric circulation, global warming can alter the factors that regulate air stagnation frequency. These conditions can lead polluting agents to accumulate and persist in the environment.

Furthermore, a large amount of these substances, which contribute to worsen the air quality, can alter the energetic balance of our planet, and eventually cause climate changes. Air pollution has reached levels which are extremely harmful for both the environment and our health.

Do we really want to go further in this direction?

To preserve the air quality, we all ask the member states of the EU for strong and long lasting political measures, which will lead us away from this emergency. In particular, we are asking, as students and future citizens, to intervene in the following areas:


  1. domestic heating systems, which produce high amount of PM10 emissions in the atmosphere. Benefits could be introduced to push citizens to reduce the energy expenditure of their houses;

  2. urban mobility, with the introduction of laws to encourage mayors to increase low emission zones. This could occur by placing additional fees upon high-emissions vehicles. This revenue could then be used to promote the development of zero emission public urban transport.