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Students in the first grade, at the gymnasium at Strömbackaskolan in Piteå made a work about the impact their lifestyle bring to the environment.

It started with that the students got the task to keep a diary/journal for 24 hours about activities and things they use, that make an impact on environment and consumption of energy.

They brought their notes to school and were divided into groups of three. In the groups the discussed about the changes that were possible to do and after that they made posters with their promises.

Most of the groups discussed the food they were eating, changes would be to eat more vegetarian food, and more locally produced food. They also discussed how they are transported to school and for how long they take showers.

During these lessons, they made some promises about changing one thing in their life style and after one month, we checked how they had managed. The ones that had succeeded in changing lifestyle had for instant changed one meal each week into vegetarian and started to walk to school.

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